Do customers delay payments?

Collect 100% of your bills

Sube datos básicos de tus facturas, configura los recordatorios y COBRA100 hará el resto.

Cloud application

It does not replace current system / ERP, it adds a bot that sends automatic reminders.

Automatic and uniform process for all your invoices.

In COBRA100 you find a simple system that automates a time-consuming task, even generating unnecessary friction with customers by calling them inopportunely.
A vast majority of late payments are due to forgetfulness, because the invoice was sent to the wrong person, or because other invoices were more visible and captured the payment earlier. COBRA100 almost eliminates these reasons.
In the case that the client refuses to pay, it is easy to deduce their reasons by discarding the previous ones and you can focus on the appropriate solution.

Save time

An automated reminder process eliminates much of the collection calls, leaving your staff with cases that require the human touch.

Happy team

Reducing unnecessary calls and improving payment recovery is an achievement for the team, freeing up time for the toughest cases, reducing stress.

More profitability

Increasing the recovery of payments on time improves cash flow, and doing it in a customer-friendly way improves future sales.

How does this work?

Ask for access

Send us the request to get a free month. You can also may request a meeting with an expert from our Partner Network

Receive advice

Receive support from one of our partners to have a quick and successful start. Set up in a few hours

Start right away

In less than 24 hours, COBRA100 has sent all notices according to the chosen configuration. COBRA100 is accessible with any browser and an internet connection.

We are here to help you

Automate your collections with a reliable and uniform process, and start giving the best results to all your interested parties: first, your collaborators, with a more satisfactory work environment; second, to your clients, providing an excellent information service; third, to your shareholders, with superior profitability.

Goldfish Ltd

Goldfish Ltd has experts in Theory of Constraints (TOC), with global experience.

Our Partner Network has coverage on three continents in person, but more importantly, we have a global reach remotely.

Únete hoy y consigue acceso al sistema más simple y robusto para automatizar tus cobranzas

Goldfish Ltd

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