Too many customers complain for late deliveries?

Improve your OTIF level

30 %
On Time In Full

Upload basic data of your orders and obtain key information to decide what is most appropriate each day.

Cloud application (read more)

It does not replace current / ERP system. Accessible to all who have to make a decision

Simple and robust information for the best decisions

OTIF100 has captured all the wisdom of the book The Goal, Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt's best seller. Since 1980, thousands of large companies, such as Boeing, Mazda or General Motors, and small ones around the world, have improved their level of service and productivity by applying these concepts. All the current complexity is due to the fact that the decisions are based on concepts that may have been valid in the past, but no longer. OTIF100 introduces disruptive concepts, enabling this simple and powerful approach.

Save time

Reprogramming consumes your energy, without achieving the result. With the right signals, the best decisions can be made quickly

Happy team

100% OTIF is a team achievement, and maintaining excellent performance is one of the best motivators, as well as reducing stress.

More profitability

Delivering 100% on time and in full improves your reputation and increases your sales, in addition to reducing the average cost of production

How does this work?

Ask for access

Send us the request to get a free month. You can also may request a meeting with an expert from our Partner Network

Receive advice

Receive support from one of our partners to have a quick and successful start. Set up in a few hours

Start right away

It is possible to have the first signs in 24 hours. OTIF100 is accessible with any browser and an internet connection.

We are here to help you

Take control of your production capacity and start giving the best results to all your stakeholders: first, your collaborators, with a more satisfactory work environment; second, to your customers, providing excellent service; third, to your shareholders, with superior profitability.

Goldfish Ltd

Goldfish Ltd has experts in Theory of Constraints (TOC), with global experience.

Our Partner Network has coverage on three continents in person, but more importantly, we have a global reach remotely.

Join today and get access to the simplest and most robust system to plan and control production

Goldfish Ltd

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