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Disruptive innovation - Operational excellence

It is not doing the same old things better, it is questioning the premises of what we do.

Goldfish applications are simple tools to automate daily operational decisions with the logic contained in the best seller The Goal.

In 1997 I read The Goal for the first time. It took me less than a weekend. When I finished it, I had the feeling that this story was fiction because it went against my experience of several years as an engineer. However, the force of logic and common sense contained in that novel convinced me that I was the wrong one in several things. I wanted to learn more.

In May 2000 I was able to apply a concept from The Goal in a factory, where until then I was a sales manager. That month they also commissioned me to production on an interim basis. I did not intervene in technical processes, I simply changed a production policy on a machine. The result was that we produced twice the historical volume that month. And the following month we finished with triple the record of recent years.

If I had been told that it was possible to increase productivity by 50% in 30 days, I would not have believed it. That is why I have been very cautious in these years when I ask a manager the possibility of applying these ideas, which are disruptive in the vast majority of cases. However, if I don't show you the potential for improvement, you might not even consider a change.

Since 2006 I have been able to be project manager, project auditor, guest consultant, with the company founded by Dr. Goldratt, with whom I was able to travel, talk, train and learn in the last five years of his life. All the experience accumulated during those years, and the continuous learning that followed, is now being put into the applications offered by Goldfish.

On our site we have published two calculators for potential improvement, both are conservative, because my personal experience, and later with clients, is that by “releasing the handbrake” the improvement is much more than expected. Try the one that best suits your company: make to order or manufacturing/distribution of standardized products or consumer goods.

Goldfish cloud applications are not to do better what the majority are doing, optimizing each link in the chain (minimizing costs, maximizing efficiencies); they require changing deep premises about operations, and they are good to achieve what seems impossible to that majority: increase productivity, with less effort and simpler processes.

To make this change of assumptions, Goldfish has a Global Network of Partners, who will guide you on this path, to achieve results in weeks, not months or years.

Write to us requesting a call with one of our Partners and we discuss your particular case.

We will be happy to chat.

Matías Birrell Rodríguez
Goldfish Ltd.
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